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Whitening works through the application of bleaching gel to the tooth surface or the enamel. The active ingredient is a form of peroxide. There are a number of different products available on the market today for whitening your teeth.
Many of the over-the-counter systems work well, but some may leave your teeth feeling sensitive to cold temperatures. The system used in our office, produced by Venus™, minimizes this side effect. Additionally, the Venus system generally results in a faster, more predictable treatment.
We offer three different types of treatment using the Venus system. The first is a system utilizing trays preloaded with the whitening gel. This method must be used for a period of 30 – 45 minutes a day for seven days. The peroxide concentration in the whitening gel used in this method is double the percentage of over-the-counter systems.
The second system we use is a combination of custom-made whitening trays and whitening gel available in two different strengths. Because the whitening trays are made just for your teeth, this allows for maximum contact of gel to the tooth surface and results in better whitening. Since the whitening gels come in two different strengths, the application time varies from 30 minutes to overnight every day for two weeks.
The final system is a completely in-office process, which takes approximately 90 minutes. It involves the direct application of a very strong whitening gel to your teeth under the supervision of a dentist. At the end of the visit, your teeth are several shades whiter.
As with any whitening system, you need to touch up your whitened teeth periodically, depending on your habits. Smoke, red wine, tea, coffee, tomato products, and berries can re-stain your enamel over time. These touch up treatments usually involve the application of whitening gel for a period of 30 – 45 minutes daily for two to three days.
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